Whats wrong with La Russa having an opinion?

Posted by Tony Capo | Saturday, July 03, 2010 | 0 comments »

Yesterday Jon Paul Morosi wrote an article on foxsports.com saying that Cardinals manager Tony La Russa was "way off base" on his take on the Arizona immigration law controversy because "it’s apparent that he’s out of touch with the multicultural group of men responsible for his forthcoming trip to Cooperstown."

Since when is a manager "out of touch" because he has a different opinion? La Russa said that “States should take care of what the federal government’s not taking care of. I’m actually a supporter of what Arizona is doing. If the national government doesn’t fix your problem, you’ve got a problem. You’ve got to fix it yourself. That’s just part of the American way.” Whats so wrong with that?

It's not like he's an advocate for the Arizona law, he was asked for his opinion and he gave it. But if he was, do you think that he is advocating racism, profiling, and discrimination?

Of course not!

Mexico is in the middle of a war with drug cartels that will even shoot the superstar Latino players who speak out against the Arizona law. That war is starting to spill over to the states like Arizona where I go to school. The Arizona government clearly established this law as a last resort, I understand that.

Hey I'm Cuban and I know that I'm not going to be asked about my citizenship unless I commit a crime and get caught.

Jon Paul Morosi says that La Russa was way off base on the issue and is out of touch with his Latino players, but I don't.

What say you?