Trade Deadline: NL Central

Posted by Tony Capo | Friday, July 02, 2010 | 0 comments »

As of now the Cardinals and Reds are neck and neck in the NL central standings with no dark horse in sight. They will stay that way unless a key player gets injured or one of these two teams make a move before the 7/31 trade deadline.

The St. Louis Cardinals could use some help in the infield and I think that Miguel Tejada (.283, 6, 32) of the Baltimore Orioles would be a great quick fix for the Cards while Brendan Ryan (.205, 2, 15) either develops in AAA Memphis or sits back in the bench and learn from Tejada. Speaking of the Orioles, another good option would be Ty Wigginton (.258, 14, 42). Ty can play all four infield positions and can provide some pop in the lineup for the Cardinals.

The Cincinnati Reds have a more balanced lineup than the Cardinals but their bullpen could use an arm or two. Their rotation could use an established starter as well if they're going to widen their lead in the central standings. Everyone knows about Cliff Lee (7-3 2.45) and it is very likely that if the Reds get him he will only be a rental. That is why I believe that getting Roy Oswalt (5-10 3.55) will be a better option for them because they will have him for an extra year or two. And yes, once Roy goes to a contender his second half stats will be much better.

So what say you?