Can the Cards make the playoffs?

Posted by Ben Weixlmann | Thursday, August 21, 2008 | 0 comments »'s Peter Laclede reporting-

Well here they sit. The real dog days of summer are here. The Cardinals are winning, yet they appear to still be slipping in the NL Central Standings.

It becomes a simple question of realism. Do the Cardinals have what it takes?

Yes. They do. But unfortunately for them, the question is no longer can they do it, but can the rest of the NL slide?

Right now it doesn't look promising.

The Brewers reverted to old form, fighting in the clubhouse and collapsing. Yet, they somehow have overcome those things and kept on winning. Their new ace in C.C. Sabathia has been more lights out then even the Brewers could have hoped for. Undefeated since the trade for him? That is out of sight.

The Cubs have done nothing but win recently. With one of the most potent offenses in Major League Baseball and a pitching staff not expected to last more than 6 innings a night, the Cubs have been everything their fans have been raving about for the last 100 years.

So, what do the Cardinals have going right for them right now? Ryan Ludwick, Braden Looper, and a few other constants. However, the problems seem to be, again, mounting in opposition to the Cards getting back on track.

Chris Carpenter, in trouble again.

Izzy, most likely out for the season.

Lohse, sliding, now being suspended by Major League Baseball for a pretty iffy call.

Are the odds stacked up too high against them? No. Anyone who has ever watched a club managed by Tony LaRussa knows that he never says die. However, he needs another team to say die. The Cubs, honestly, have a very little chance of slipping.

They are simply too potent. Their only chance is the Brew Crew collapsing. With the recent performances of that pitching staff, and the surprising ability to keep on, they seem to be poised to take the wild card.

Fortunately for the Cards, there is a lot of baseball left. Again, for a team expected to be a solid fourth in the division, it's been a good one. But with the potential of this team turned out for seemingly nothing, every fan will be disappointed with anything less than the playoffs.

The Cubs will not fade, but with any luck the Cards will again find their place, and make up the three game difference quickly. They can do it, the question is, will the others fail to help them out?

October would be a lot more fun if they do.

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