Our Bullpen Sucks!

Posted by Ben Weixlmann | 8:19 PM | 0 comments »

This just in: the St. Louis Cardinals' bullpen is abysmal. After yet another heart-wrenching loss, I have lost all words to describe the play of our relievers.

Ryan Franklin came in and pitched an effective eighth, but struggled in the tenth, giving up a two-run blast with just two outs left to preserve the win.

Russ Springer is the only Cardinals pitcher who wants to win a ballgame, at least it certainly seems that way. Springer threw some outstanding pitches, but came out after just one inning, which definitely wasn't effective.

Losing four games in a row in arguably the most crucial series of the season for the Redbirds gives everyone in "The Lou" doubts about the postseason.

I wrote an article earlier tonight when the Birds were up 3-1, only to watch that lead dissolve with one swing from slugger Ryan Braun.

You know it's not a good sign when watching the Cardinals is more stressful than working 65 hours last week.

Since moving to St. Louis in 2001, my life has been utterly consumed by Cards baseball, but now it's beginning to make me an irritated individual.

I have never been a big fan of the management since my arrival, but now more than ever, I am absolutely fed up.

This is speaking from a concerned Cardinals fan: get some help in the horrific bullpen!

Alright, this rant is finally over, but let's hope that the Cardinals get back on track soon, because it's no fun watching the Rams!