St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Kyle Lohse compiled his tenth win of the season, but the minds of Cardinal Nation were elsewhere this evening. That's because Mark Mulder made his 2008 debut, after sitting out the better part of 18 months. Mulder looked decent, giving up two hits, striking out one, and allowing no runs to preserve the 7-1 win against the New York Mets.

Although this obviously isn't where Mulder wishes to be at this point, in the bullpen, it's still a huge stepping stone for him to be back in action in the bigs. It was Mulder's first ever relief appearance, if you don't count his 2003 All-Star performance.

As a Cardinals fan, I am thrilled with the comeback of Mulder, I mean, it's about damn time. Even though I was never high on him in the first place, I think he could really contribute a lot of innings as a middle reliever for the Birds. Notice, I am not campaigning to get Mulder back into the starting rotation any time soon. We have had enough success with our starters that there is no sense trying to tinker with the lineup just to fit this once All-MLB player in.

Not to mention, Mulder will be able to display a nice leadership role in the clubhouse, as he has loads of experience in comparison to most of the Cards players.

This overachieving rag-tag bunch of guys has come together to win three straight, and is now two games back in the NL Central! Go Cardinals!